Schmit + Associates



Schmit+Associates is serving as consultants and advisors to Cobb County as it seeks to develop a revitalization plan for the Six Flags area.


The Six Flags corridor is an area of high crime, high poverty and low educational achievement. Low-income apartments, aged retail and low-end hotels dominate the area. A major transformational program is being proposed through the introduction of a Town Center and an Entertainment District that will create an area that can be branded as the Western Gateway to Atlanta. This change to the built environment, along with programming developed to reduce crime and engage citizens, has been proposed to the county.


Schmit+Associates has submitted a detailed report on the steps to revitalize the Six Flags corridor. The company is actively engaged in developing funding sources to revitalize the built environment and provide programming to sustain positive change in an area that has been burdened with a decline in opportunity for its residents and stakeholders.