Auburn, GA: The heart of any thriving city beats within its infrastructure, and for Auburn, a significant milestone marked a leap forward for the downtown core. On Friday, April 26, the city celebrated the grand opening of its new Municipal Complex. This state-of-the-art City Hall/Police Department facility will help address the growing city’s needs and better serve citizens.

Former Mayor Linda Blechinger explained the transformational impact the Complex will have on the Auburn Police Department. “The best thing about this building is also the highest priority. PD has been operating out of a butler building for many years. It met our immediate needs years ago but the department has grown. We will now have separate quarters for interviews and bookings, as well as a training room. We will also have an evidence room that meets all the state requirements. Our Police Department serves us 24/7, and they are very excited about the new facility.”

The Complex brings with it a significant upgrade to the capacity of the Court and Council chambers. The previous chambers could only accommodate a few dozen attendees. The new building boasts seating for 120.

Dave Schmit served as master development partner for the complex, spearheading the coordination of city and state resources, and overseeing every aspect of the complex’s evolution from conception to completion.

The Schmit + Associates partnership also included planning and development of a residential community to surround the complex, and guidance for downtown revitalization. New residents have already begun to occupy dozens of the anticipated 300 homes. A 2020 Livable Centers Initiative study prepares the city for transportation projects, and vacated city offices are ready to be repurposed, attracting businesses that encourage residents and visitors to gather for dining, shopping, and entertainment.